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Ah, a newborn, welcome to the Under World!

For centuries uncounted, we bloods stand atop the world, reigning over the reigns of the mortal worlds.

There was a challenger - lupines, or werewolves called by the mortals, which we have fought for centuries and merged victory against them in the end?

My Lord, my story has ended. Now how would you lead us to finish this chaos and bring us back to the dominance we once held? Read More...

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Post: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 11:51
Dear Lord,We’re glad to inform you that we have launched the new official webiste for Vampire War at http://vampire-war.comIn this new home of ours, you can find and everything more aesthetic and accessible:- New events and update info will be published in the Latest News section with detailed description and instructions. Stay tuned for fun events!- Download links to different devices are...

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